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Our time on earth is only a moment, but what we do here echoes for eternity. Walking out our lives in a meaningful and impactful way is a daily journey. We should never stop learning and growing as we seek to become more like Christ in all our ways.

I created this site to capture my thoughts and share them with you as I learn about life in three main areas:

Stewardship – How we manage the resources entrusted to us

Leadership – How we influence those around us

Faith – How we grow in our relationship with Jesus

I read as much as I can, write to help me process and communicate my thoughts, and speak when I have the opportunity. All of this is captured here in the three main sections of the site.

Thank you for visiting and please stay awhile! I’m excited to have you join me in the journey.




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The Poverty “Gospel”

Reading Time: 16 minutesIntro Turn on Christian TV today and you’ll likely see well-dressed tele-evangelists begging for money and promising that if you give you’ll be given more in return. This “Prosperity Gospel” is false, but it is largely obvious. The ostentatious display of selfish love of money makes the mature believer able to easily spot the lie …

How to Give Like Gates

Reading Time: 5 minutesImagine having access to a near limitless fortune and being tasked to dispense it for the good of humanity. Billions of dollars are at your fingertips to start universities, cure diseases, and whatever else your heart desires. Whatever you can dream can be accomplished. Sounds incredible, right? When we think of someone with this capability, …

Should Christians Buy Bitcoin?

Reading Time: 8 minutesWhile I titled this article “Should Christians Buy Bitcoin?”, the fundamentals we’ll discuss will apply to other cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, etc.) as well as high risk/high return, volatile, and speculative investments in general. Also, I realize there is a movement afoot that suspects cryptocurrencies are somehow part of the end-times “one world currency” or …


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Few things help us learn better than to teach. I’ve been fortunate to have the ability to speak on occasion and am posting recording as available here.

About Me

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Ira Nicodemus is a lover of Jesus, leadership, and stewardship. He’s always learning about each and is passionate about sharing what he’s learned with others.

Ira holds a MBA in Strategic Management from University of North Texas (’14), BS in interdisciplinary Engineering & Management from Clarkson University (’08), and AS in Engineering Science from Genesee Community College (’06),  . He has over 9 years career experience with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 and has worked with a variety of clients including churches, schools, healthcare, banking, and data centers. His current speciality is energy management for large commercial real estate portfolios. He also runs an online business, Propsee, where he provides practical resources to homeowners looking to better maintain and care for their homes. 

Ira’s spends his time actively seeking to steward all the considerable blessings that God has given Him. He is especially keen on the one pictured next to him here, as he’s convinced that if he had nothing but her, he’d still be the most blessed man alive.