“Good or God?: Why Good Without God isn’t Enough

“Good or God?: Why Good Without God isn’t Enough
Tag: Faith
Publisher: Messenger International
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 288
ASIN: 1933185945
ISBN: 9781933185941

John Bevere covers the important distinction between something simply being good and it being God's best. More importantly, he discusses how we can come to know this distinction, simply by knowing God.

About the Book

God’s ways don’t always make sense to us. Sometimes what we see is good is the exact opposite of what God is calling us to. Other times what we see as good is good, but God has something better. Satan is the father of lies and a master deceiver. From the beginning with Eve, he deceives by showing the good to lure us away from God. This is much more powerful on the believer than trying to show the attraction of blatant sin. Discerning the difference between this type of good and God is not something that can be done with our heads, but only by hearing God’s gentle voice.

This was the first book I’ve read by John Bevere and it made me want to read more of his work. Some authors tend to write like they speak. Their books are full of illustrations, stories, and humor to make simple points. These type of authors work for many, but I prefer a more direct style that is rich on scripture and short on fluff. John delivers this in an excellent way. It is not dry theology, but it is also not light ramblings.

Secondly, I am a firm believer that a message should begin in the Spirit. The author’s most important role is to hear what the Lord is saying and obey in delivering. Some authors deliver excellent messages, but they are not divinely inspired for a specific time and people. This message is one that I firmly believe the Spirit spoke to John for this time and people. Of course, I’m not saying this is scripture, but I will say that it is prophetic.

Anytime I invest time in to a book, teaching, etc. I strive to walk away with at least one actionable item. The message that resonated most with me from this book was to seek God’s presence above His blessings. It is out of a sweet relationship with God that all else flows. We can do no good thing outside of God, so to pursue goodness without pursuing God is foolishness.

I certainly recommend this book to the growing believer. If you find yourself often struggling to make wise decisions, I encourage you even more to read this. Is it a book on decision making? No. However, it will encourage you to seek the Source of all wisdom and pursue Him even more.

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