Pure Grace

Pure Grace

Do you fully understand Grace?

Grace is fundamental, yet misunderstood. Unlock the strength that God intends for you to live in through "Pure Grace". Read full book review here!

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About the Book

Despite grace being a fundamental tenet of Christianity, it is widely misunderstood and often improperly applied. Much of this is likely due to just how often it is referenced, both in scripture and teaching. It has become almost cliché and common, causing us to not dwell on the magnitude of its power.

This being said, it is wise for believers to revisit the concept of Grace and ensure they have a sound Biblical foundation. “Pure Grace”, by Clark Whitten, delivers this in a powerful and concise way.

I decided to read “Pure Grace” while on my annual sabbatical and devoured the entire book in a single day. I hadn’t planned to read it, but felt God speaking to me about grace as I began my retreat and downloaded this on my Kindle in response to that prompting.

Grace is the everything. Without it, there would be no gospel and no Christians. While no true believers would deny this, many do as the church in Colossae and begin to think that they can live out the Christian faith by works, although they were saved by grace. Paul was vehemently opposed to this. I found as I read “Pure Grace” that I was likely just like the Colossians in many ways!

Whitten delivers an easy to read, yet powerful, study that is packed with scripture and doesn’t shy away from answering tough questions. He openly addresses the fear you may already be thinking to yourself, that erring on the side of grace will lead to a tolerance for sin. Of course, properly applied this won’t be the case, but it was an issue in the early church and one we should still be aware of today. “Pure Grace” is not a book that in any way endorses this perversion of grace theology. Reading it will leave a believer strengthened in their position in Christ, not weakened by sin.

I’d encourage you to not only read “Pure Grace”, but re-read it regularly. Our tendency is to drift in to works and fail to understand our position of full righteousness in Christ. This is no surprise, given that since Satan is constantly trying to guilt us out of Grace and in to the Law. Revisiting these concepts and studying the truth of the Scriptures referenced will realign and reposition your heart to walk in the fullness of the strength that is in Christ.

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Genre: Christian Living
Tag: Faith
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Publication Year: 2012
Format: Paperback
Length: 192 Pages
ASIN: 0768441048
ISBN: 9780768441048

List Price: 10.39
eBook Price: 9.87
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